tutorial: DIY confetti

tutorial: DIY confetti

i will be posting tutorials from time to time and thought i'd kick this off with one that i've received the most private messages on: my wedding confetti!

there are so many companies out there that make beautiful confetti, but the shapes and colors i liked cost an arm and a leg. since i'm pretty handy with an xacto blade and trusty steel ruler, i decided to cut the costs by a mile (roughly $10/guest to under $0.75/guest) and take matters into my own hands.

materials used:
20" x 30" tissue paper sheets
xacto blade
steel ruler
cutting mat

a few things:

  1. check with your venue if they allow confetti to be thrown and if they have any material restrictions. i wanted silver mylar, but they advised that it would take forever-and-a-half to cleanup so i opted for tissue paper only.
  2. i don't have any advice on how to budget for # of guests... for 190 guests, i bought:
    24 sheets per pack
    6 colors (but only ended up using 5)
    3 packs per color...
    ...and had WAY too much! after the recessional toss, we ended up using the leftovers for the photobooth, and i STILL have a few dozen handfuls leftover.
  3. bigger confetti falls prettier—imagine a whole autumn leaf flipping and falling slowly vs. just a piece of it. i think circular confetti is pretty, but i didn't like the idea of the waste created by it, so i went with rectangles.

step 1: slice
using the mat, blade, and ruler, cut the sheets of tissue paper into ~1-inch thick strips. i kept the sheet folded in half length-wise to make it easier. also doubled-up on the tissue paper so it was more efficient, but still thin enough to cut clean.

step 2: dice (see left side of photo)
using the scissors, cut the 1-inch strips roughly 2-inches so you get a nice 1x2 rectangle.

step 3: mix!
the best part. some blogs said to stack the confetti (ain't nobody got time for that) but ours was just mixed in a big plastic bin and it worked out fine.