skin essentials

i've shared this list several times with friends and colleagues, so it only made sense to add visuals and compile my skincare essentials here. a bit of history:

a few years of teen acne followed by minor breakouts mainly due to smoking cigarettes and partying til 6am every weekend in my early 20s somehow evolved into the supplest clearest skin i've ever had in my life. after a few joyful years of said happy skin, an outbreak of cystic acne began and persisted for a few years. this inspired regular facials and a few consultations with dermatologists, thus a skincare obsession is born!

disclaimer: my pre-cystic acne skincare regimen was pretty basic: foam cleanser + toner + moisturizer + eye cream + spf + intermittent masks and serums when i was in the mood for it. over the years, one step/treatment product at a time, my daily routine evolved into the below. listed and photographed (left to right) in order of use.

morning skin

  1. mechanical exfoliation: farmacy new day
  2. toner: son & park beauty water
    close faves: missha time revoution toner + re:p toning pads
  3. essence mist: missha time revolution
  4. essence: missha time revolution
  5. serumfarmacy invincible
    best fighter against acne scarring to date!
    close faves: kiehl's clearly corrective serum + fresh seaberry face oil
  6. eye cream: farmacy eye dew
    close faves: fresh black tea + kiehl's avocado eye treatment
  7. moisturiserklairs soothing cream
    a bit heavy for warmer months, so i may have to go back to kiehl's ultra moisturizer or swap out with son & park beauty gel.
  8. spf: neogen sunscreen
    close fave: missha essence sun milk

night cleanse

  1. toner: neogen exfoliating pads
    * 2–3x/week in place of regular toner
  2. essence mist: missha time revolution
  3. essence: missha time revolution
  4. serummissha time revolution night repair
  5. eye cream: farmacy eye dew
  6. moisturiser: farmacy sleep tight* feels like an overnight mask/sleeping pack

weekly treatment-y additions