tutorial: DIY 3D initials

tutorial: DIY 3D initials

i debated between marquee light style 3D letters for our cake table, but didn't want to deal with electric wires, batteries, etc. since our cake table was mobile. 

materials needed:

chip board

softer paper (for curved letters)

printed letters to trace (i used neutra face letters with aksidenz grotesk ampersand)

xacto + steel ruler + cutting mat

masking tape

acrylic paint

start by tracing the letters in your favorite font onto the chipboard. using the xacto blade, carefully cut out each letter two times.

once you have both sides of the letters done, the depth of the letters need to be cut. be sure to measure out every panel carefully so the depth throughout the final 3D letters is even.

the curved P and & were impossible to create using chipboard, so i used a heavy weight card stock instead.

finally, tape all of the pieces together with masking tape.

i added some plant rocks i had lying around to give the letters some weight. the P in particular did not stand on its own at all without the rocks.

our wedding was in the winter with mostly neutral colors, so i picked a metallic silver for the final paint.