DIY upcycle: men's shirt into crop top

DIY upcycle: men's shirt into crop top

finally got myself a sewing machine a few weeks ago! the first of what will hopefully be many home sewing projects is below.

paul had an old brooks brother's non-iron shirt with a ripped collar. he threw it into the rag pile, and i yelled at him! the material has so much life left and i've always been a sucker for men's fashion in generalβ€”i decided to make it into something for myself: a cropped summer shirt.

the shirt in its original form

behold: the tears that deemed this shirt trash. sad!

step 1: carefully remove the threads to eventually remove the collar completely. 

next: pin across the bottom where you want the crop to fall. make sure to try it on first before you cut and sew the hem!

then: do the same for the sleeves. after cutting one sleeve, i aligned it to the uncut one and used it as a template. luckily it turned out even. this photo shows the wonky serge job on the sleeve. my first time serging!

flip the serge inside and iron the fabric so it's easier to sew down the hem.

et voila, my new cropped mandarin collar button down. am likely going to re-do the bottom hem at some point, but this will do for the rest of the summer.