inside-out workout tip sheet part 2: fit skin

inside-out workout tip sheet part 2: fit skin

whenever i see women in the studio classes i attend with makeup dripping down their beautiful faces, my mind automatically thinks: bacteria, breakouts, and clogged pores. no! i’ve definitely had my days where i’ve forgotten to erase makeup before working out, and regretted it in the days following—hence this handy tip sheet with a quick regimen to keep in mind before and after a workout to avoid potential breakouts.

special thanks to my friend charlotte (licensed esthetician, author, k beauty expert, entrepreneur, super girlboss) for offering a couple of bonus tips included below!


1: Cleanse

do a simple cleansing wipe or cleansing water to remove any makeup or sebum buildup before your workout. the goal here is to workout with clean skin because your pores open up when your body heats up and starts sweating. imagine your pores opening up to a full face of makeup and a day’s worth of oil production… gross.

2: Moisturize

it may seem counter intuitive to moisturize before sweating, but since sweat is mostly water-based, it actually dries out your skin a ton. i always go for my Farmacy hydrating essence mist, followed by a thin layer of moisturizer in the colder months.

3: protect yoself

If your workout is outdoors, make sure to always layer on SPF, to protect your skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays, which can lead to fine lines and pigmentation. 
Charlotte Cho


1: Wash your hands

…immediately + avoid touching your face.

whether in a chic studio/gym or a sweaty boxing ring, you can expect any workout equipment to be covered in bacteria.

2: Cleanse your face + shower within the hour

if you used a cleansing wipe before class, you’ll likely just need a foam- or gel-based cleanser after working out to gently remove sweat and excess debris. my personal rule is to hit the shower ASAP, but the hour limit is there in case i’m commuting back home. charlotte advises, "bacne is a result of two things: lingering in dirty workout clothes for too long after the workout or not completely rinsing off shampoo or conditioner from your hair and body when you shower."

3: Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate

after showering, follow your normal skincare regimen, but feel free to be liberal with moisturizer since your skin will feel dehydrated after sweating so much in class.