london intermission: copenhagen

london intermission: copenhagen

the motivation to spend some time in copenhagen was quite simple for me and paul: design for me + food for him, although we each enjoyed both aspects in the fullest.

when it comes to design, i think there's a constant battle between form over function. in graphic design, sometimes if you focus on the aesthetics too much, the communications message gets lost. in fashion, there are so many seemingly beautiful garments that are uncomfortable (i.e. most wedding dresses... this is why comfort was my #1 priority when redesigning my dress). for industrial design, objects in our daily lives that neglect the function can often become a source of discomfort or frustration. misaligned cabinets, handles that are too big/small, stunning chairs that hurt your back after 5 minutes…

what i found the most inspiring and fascinating about danish design is that at first glance most objects seem physically beautiful but as soon as you pick it up, sit in it, or inspect further, you realize that the functionality equally matches, if not surpasses, its beauty. the beautiful chairs at aoc restaurant that were aesthetically beautiful and proved to be super comfortable 4 hours into our decadent meal. the corner banquette at our airbnb that was perfectly insta-pretty, where i sat down to catch up on emails for hours by surprise because it was such a comfortable space.

my love for scandinavian design was strong before visiting copenhagen, but was significantly amplified after our quick 48 hour visit to the beautiful city. the food was also impressive—clean, healthy fuel for the body that tastes delicious as well. it's really no wonder denmark is known to be the *happiest country in the world. not sure when, but i will definitely be back.

    our airbnb host delayed our check-in, resulting in looking for daytime storage. the storage facility we found online happened to be a bike accessories shop + cafe that brews delicious coffee.

    my favorite meal from atelier september: matcha yogurt and grapefruit with mint. we went both days we were in copenhagen because it was so good. we also enjoyed (and highly recommend) the avocado toast, grapefruit with blueberries granola and lemon zest, and the poached egg with nutty rye bread.

    i was skeptical of dop as the street hot dogs in new york are gross. i was delightfully surprised as these dogs were super tasty and the quality was really great. i would put them second after crif dogs (my favorite hot dog in new york), but healthier since they're not wrapped in bacon and deep fried.

    hay house, where interior design dreams are born and (hopefully) come true.

    not realizing how cold it would be in copenhagen, i resorted to layering everything in my suitcase that would provide warmth.

    restaurant puk for danish wet burger (!) with redbeer and paul's roasted pork with crispy skin in the back. perfect after walking around all day in ~55ºF.

    notable mentions

    • restaurant aoc, one of the most decadent and conceptual meals i'll probably ever have in my life. i try to restrict this website to camera photos exclusively as best as i can, so here's my instagram post dedicated to the evening: link
    • meyers deli smoked salmon and fishcakes
    • illums bohligus department store

    * according to cnn, norway is now #1 for happiest country in the world, but denmark was the happiest for the last 3 years straight. come on.