operation pink cactus

operation pink cactus

event design for my bestie jimi's baby shower, with the best theme. her husband kicked off the planning with her closest friend via email with the most appropriate subject line: operation pink cactus. (he's ex-navy, it's a girl, and they live in arizona. boom.)

any excuse to fly to LA and spend time with loved ones. super congrats jimi + antonio! can't wait to meet her.

this is now the 3rd event in LA that took me to the flower market early AM in search of the best blooms. first time draping the tablescape with loose palm branches + silver dollar eucalyptus and it may not be my last.

+ amanda + grace + mama-to-be jimi + sophia unnie + yong

pool toy + bunting for baby = shower decor

amanda's genius lavender lemonade + rosé all day station! so yummy.

the food at great maple was phenomenal. amanda, you are amazing.

blt all day every day.

french toast log with bacon. sooooo good.

made to order beignets with house-made lemon curd.

made to order maple bacon doughnuts. YES.

my high school besties + baby scarlet + baby cactus on the way. so many feels.