Potentially my last vacation for the next 2 years as Berkeley officially starts tomorrow! Our trip to Honolulu came at the perfect time, about a week after getting the call from admissions. I’m determined to find a way to hack working full time, going back to school, and find time to explore (and rest) in between. If I could hack study breaks into this Honolulu trip, I’m optimistic I might be able to figure it out once school takes off. If not, I’ll probably be quiet on here for a little while…

We loved staying at The Laylow this time. Central location in Waikiki (which gets busy, but is super convenient), friendly staff, beautiful rooms, reasonable price point—would gladly stay again.


A few of my favorites: Verso face oil, Replica beach walk, Caudalie beauty elixir, Drunk Elephant bronzing serum, Becca x Chrissy Tiegen highlight, which is actually too dark for me so I actually use it as a bronzer.


My SPF armory, boosted by bronzing serum and self-tanner: Jack Black SPF 25 lip balm, Coola sport SPF 50 white tea sunscreen mixed with Drunk Elephant bronzing serum, Alba SPF45 mineral sunscreen mixed with Jergens self tanning lotion.


Daily necessity on this trip: Wylde One’s immune shrooms mixed in my coconut milk latte.


First stop after check-in: Ono Seafood for poke.


Convertible was so worth it.


Water conditions in the North Shore were too rough to swim when we went for the day, but we took it as a forced study break before hitting the shrimp trucks.
Shoutout to msllim98 for recommending the Kahuku shrimp trucks while we were there!

Recent and new obsessions: Grammar shirt, Fibreno purse.

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The most beautiful celebratory dinner at Senia, more on that here. Truly loved every bite and would highly recommend to travelers and locals alike.


Magical quick hike through a bamboo forest to Lulumahu Falls


Didn’t get to grab a photo with my dear friend Toyo, but it was such a privilege to take one of her yoga classes. As a former dancer and one of the most culturally aware people I know, her expression of vinyasa was unique and refreshing at the same time. Thanks so much for having me in your class <3