by Margaret Park

if sephora, sokoglam + innisfree had a baby, the result would be my personal skincare inventory.

below are my tried and true skincare holy grails that i would recommend for most skin types, especially those with combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin as that's my skin in a nutshell.

my intention is to update the below as new products i'm playing with become faves, and even replace some of the below if i find that their efficacy has dwindled in comparison to others.

Oil-based Cleansers

nightly: to remove makeup, sunscreen, waterproof eye makeup,
and other oil-based gunk in the pores

regular cleansers

morning and night: to remove dirt, sweat, and other water-based gunk in the skin


scrubs to physically remove dead skin cells + chemical peels to remove impurities on a deeper level. *be careful when mixing with vitamin C, retinol, AHA/BHA acne products.


prep skin for treatments + moisturizers

Essences + Mists

mini hydration boosters + targeted treatments


hard-hitting benefit step

eye creams

specific formulations for eye area where skin is super thin


seal in all of the above efforts, balance moisture barrier function

Sleeping Masks + oils

for extra dry days / days after acid treatments

daily SPF

spf 30 minimum, rain or shine. mineral formulas + pollution / blue light protection a plus.

Masks + acne solutions